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Wij zijn onafhankelijk, alleen daardoor kunnen wij optimaal opkomen voor jouw belangen en door ons onafhankelijk op te stellen denken wij jou tot in lengte van jaren van dienst te kunnen zijn als jouw eigen persoonlijke belangenbehartiger op het gebied van financiële dienstverlening.

Independent advice and mediation

We are independent, and it is only through this independence that we can effectively advocate for your interests. By maintaining our independence, we believe we can serve you as your personal advocate in the field of financial services for years to come.

We believe in providing personal advice within a digital framework. Digital processes change a lot, but one thing remains constant: the ability to think and act outside the script. As personal advisors, we possess that ability. We are visible, approachable, and tangible.


Independent advice and mediation

What can you expect from geWOON insurance?

From assessment to application:

  • assessment of your situation
  • data analysis
  • comparison of products that best suit your situation
  • advice on how to cover financial risks
  • mediation of insurances and, if necessary, cancellation of existing insurances

During our advisory relationship:

  • regular contact
  • relieving (financial) concerns
  • keeping insurances up-to-date (adjusting them due to changed personal situations or alternatives)
  • the ability to ask a question at any time without having to search the internet for an answer, where you never know for sure if the found answer is correct.

All services are extensively described in our service guide

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Want to know more about how we work?

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