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Buying a house is a matter of feeling, taking into consideration people's personal preferences. Exactly how does its work!

We are happy to accompany your purchase

In addition to selling your home, we also offer services to assist you during the purchase of your new home.

Buying a house or apartment is always exciting, and it's reassuring to have someone by your side who knows the ins and outs of the industry, has insights into the market, and can negotiate on your behalf for the home you want to buy. In this aspect as well, geWOON Makelaardij is the organization you're looking for!

A buyer's agent represents the interests of buyers when purchasing a new home. Since you don't buy a house every day, you are in a stronger position with a buyer's agent by your side, because when buying an apartment or house in Geulle, you'll be dealing with the selling agent who acts in the seller's interest.

By accurately assessing your needs and considering your personal preferences, we are able to quickly and efficiently find a home that meets your vision.

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We are happy to accompany your purchase

What to expect from us

  1. Clear Understanding of Your Wishes and Requirements

    It all begins with a good conversation. The real estate agent visits your home and discusses your preferences for the new home while documenting the agreements. Based on this information, they start searching in Geulle and the surrounding areas and present you with available properties that match your search criteria and preferences.
  2. Direct Contact with the Selling Agent

    If your interest is piqued, the agent will make direct contact with the seller or their agent to prevent another candidate from acquiring the property.
  3. Second Viewing with Buyer's Agent

    If you have a property in mind, have already viewed it once, and are considering purchasing it, the agent becomes involved. In consultation with you and the selling agent, an appointment is made for a second viewing. The agent accompanies you during this viewing and informs you about the (technical) condition of the property, any hidden defects, and the property's fair market value, both during and after the viewing.
  4. The Buyer's Agent Handles Negotiations

    The agent professionally conducts negotiations on your behalf and often determines the price within a few days. Thanks to their years of experience and expertise, the buyer's agent can uncover this competitive price.
  5. A Building Inspector Evaluates the Property

    The agent, along with you, inspects the house from a structural perspective. They assess the building's condition, anticipate possible defects, and provide a timeline for addressing them. If desired, a complete structural inspection can be arranged by a local structural inspector for an additional fee.
  6. Appraisal by a Local Appraiser

    Your own agent is involved as your personal advisor in the property purchase. For this reason, they cannot prepare an appraisal report for the property financing application. This appraisal report must be prepared by an independent appraiser. Your agent can recommend a good, independent appraiser who can provide you with a competitive rate for preparing an appraisal report for the financing application.
  7. Purchase Agreement and Review

    After drafting the purchase agreement, your agent reviews the contract for any "fine print" and ensures that the correct (conditional) terms are included. The agent also goes through the entire contract with you before you sign it.
  8. Financing and Mortgage Advice

    Not only will you receive guidance during the purchase, but you also have the option to receive an entirely non-binding mortgage advice from an independent and accredited mortgage advisor. This mortgage advisor can offer you a competitive proposal. Feel free to inquire about this during the introductory meeting!
  9. Final Inspection with Buyer's Agent

    The day before the notarial transfer, you, along with your agent and the sellers, schedule an appointment to inspect the property. This inspection is carried out to ensure that the property is handed over as agreed upon. Your agent knows exactly what to look for and will assist you during the inspection.
  10. Notarial Transfer

    After the property inspection, you go to the notary for the signing of the notarial deed of transfer (purchase agreement). Your agent will review this transfer deed as well as the settlement statement and, if necessary, have them adjusted in consultation with you. The deed is then signed by you, in the presence of your agent, the notary, and the selling party. After signing the deed, you will receive the keys to your new home from the selling party.

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Benieuwd naar wat geWOON Makelaardij voor u kan betekenen?

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