Rent your property through geWOON Makelaardij

You want to temporarily rent out your property due to your stay abroad or until the property is sold. Or perhaps you have one or more investment properties. Your real estate demands a professional like geWOON Makelaardij who knows the real estate market!

The housing market is constantly changing, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. This movement, and especially your property, requires innovative solutions. Haven't sold your property yet? Or do you want to purposefully start renting out your property or building? Then you're looking for professionals, and geWOON Makelaardij is the right place to be!

Thanks to close collaboration with online real estate portals, there is a large database of home seekers and a network of expats available. With a daily reach of thousands of home seekers, geWOON Makelaardij promotes your living space and as much as 85% of the offerings are rented out within 4 weeks! In addition, geWOON Makelaardij collaborates with a large number of media partners and is characterized by highly motivated real estate agents and advisors. They know the market and continuously invest in an extensive network of all types of tenants.

Completely unburdened

When renting out a property, there are many aspects to consider. geWOON Makelaardij takes care of this for you and finds a suitable candidate for your property. We do this with care. Candidates are screened for financial means, providing you with assurance that the rent is feasible. Additionally, the final rental is secured through the most up-to-date rental agreements.

During the rental period, we can be the point of contact for the tenant, relieving you of any potential questions or complaints. More information can be found at

What can you expect?

  • Promotion via for national and international reach
  • Flexible and knowledgeable rental agents with expertise in the Limburg region.
  • Active social media promotion
  • Extensive network of (media) partners
  • Secure rentals through comprehensive tenant screening

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Completely unburdened

How we achieve this

As a reliable partner, we follow a transparent approach that allows you to understand the agreements you enter into and how the rental of your real estate is progressing. This is partially customized because every property and, consequently, every tenant needs to be approached differently.

  1. Non-binding intake meeting
    Our knowledgeable agents assess your wishes and requirements. They also provide advice on the legal and market-based rental price. If you are interested in our approach, we will formalize the agreements regarding our services and commission in writing.
  2. Listing your property on our website
    We showcase your property on our website This website is linked to around twenty other real estate websites. Of course, we also handle the photography and descriptions of your property to ensure a professional presentation.
  3. Viewings
    After contacting the potential tenant, we analyze key information such as household composition, income, and the reason for renting. If this meets your requirements for a tenant, we will arrange property viewings with the candidates.
  4. Screening
    If agreed upon in the service agreement, tenants are screened by us. Candidates can be checked through entities like GGN Mastering Credit. This minimizes risks for you, as the landlord.
  5. Rental agreement
    If the tenant wishes to rent the property and you have approved the candidate, we will complete the documentation and draft the rental agreement. geWOON Makelaardij uses the most up-to-date rental agreements to provide optimal protection for you as the landlord.
  6. Handover
    During the key handover, all agreements are signed by the involved parties, and a comprehensive initial inspection of the property is conducted. The property's condition is documented in writing and supported by photographs.

Want to know more about how we work?


If you'd like, please get in touch with us for an informal introductory conversation and discover how we can assist you.

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Want to know more about how we work?

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